From Theresa May to Angela Merkel: The Current World Leaders Power Ranking

The balance of power is shifting. For decades we see the US, with its leaders, hold on to that power. Then came the influence of a united European Community, with its leaders, making a come back on the world stage. Until a series of disarrays that threatens to weaken them. Vladimir Putin of Russia is still there, amid the bombardment of sanctions, trying to make Russia a world power again. With EU on the brink of collapse and a US that is on decline, hastened by its moron president Donald Trump, the leaders of the Asia are on the rise. The power play now is focused on Xi Jinping’s China and those trying to halt its rise to power, India, the countries in the ASEAN and the old power that is Shinzō Abe’s Japan.

Here are the ranking of the current world leaders’ power status.

#10 Theresa May, The Real Life Dolores Umbridge

Theresa-May-mirrorA weak excuse for a leader, May is still holding the office of one of the most powerful nations in the world and that is saying something. Her party’s election lost, however, (at least we can call it that, seeing that they failed to get the majority seats), was embarrassing and another dash of hope for those resisting the group she and Donald Trump embodies: racists Europeans, white supremacists, isolationists, deniers of Climate Change, believers that the earth is flat, and fans of Boris Johnson’s hair.  May is a moderate choice after the Brexit advocates shockingly won the vote last year, her appointment was designed to appease both sides of a painfully divided Britain. But May’s power comes from her office, the fact that she is Great Britain for now. But the power of the country she’s holding is quickly diminishing, hastened by the Brexit vote. Now the EU and the rest of the world is turning away from them, and as China rightly said, May’s Britain is an old empire on its way to extinction.

#9 Donald Trump, the Rising New Adolf Hitler

57ffaefd1b0000df1cef6d54A new Adolf Hitler rising. Seizing and wielding the power of the White House will make anyone, even a MAGA moron, into a powerful figure.  But as expected, he’s losing that power quickly than he can lie about Climate Change and Russia. Fighting against the Republican Congress is not a good idea, especially if they’re not really your guys at the very start. The government institutions which he expects to bend over his White Supremacists ideas are fighting back. But what is weakening him the most is the constant and ever growing oppositions coming from REAL Americans and the “fake” media. With those Nazis he appointed and fired seeking vengeance, he’s got no real friends to turn to and it is really a matter of time before he’ll be forced out of the White House. Even Afghanistan can’t save him. The world is watching and the world is laughing.

#8  Enrique Peña Nieto, the Leader of the World Resistance Movement

pena-nietoIt’s hard to fight against a powerful country while trying to reverse its hatred towards your country so everyone could benefit, at least economically. As president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto’s balancing act is quite a feat, this while standing firm and appearing strong against a stupid US president who is demanding for  his country to pay for their wall. Seriously? Mexico in itself is not that powerful of a country and its president can do only as much, but approaching other countries like those in Europe and China, and the countries in ASEAN is a brilliant move. It shows that the world can move along, even without the US. So who cares about Trump? For now Mexico is standing firm.

#7 Shinzō Abe, the Asian Blue Dragon

Shinzo-Abe-RE-660-1His Abenomics is proving more and more to be a disaster and his recent response to the nuclear missile launches of North Korea is so weak we’re starting to get worried. Shinzō Abe’s Japan is the only reliable counterweight (at least for now) against China and a delusional North Korea. They are still powerful but to maintain its power Abe must do more. He needs to implement better programs to make Japan stronger economically. He needs to be strong in its actions against North Korea, not just calling on the UN to take action, which is in itself is very weak. Pushing for Japan to turn away its pacifist ways is a must. Japan must be able to defend itself from external aggression and not be like sitting ducks. Abe must stay strong. If Japan falls, it will be a domino effect and China will reign supreme in Asia and after that the EU and the rest of the world will be hard pressed to stop it.

#6 Narendra Modi, the Dark Horse

pmmodi1-kHNG--621x414@LiveMintNarendra Modi and India is a power and a player in the world stage, one that is needed to counter the likes of China and the ever increasing Nazism in the US. But Modi’s India is still weak, the economy needing the money from EU and the US to make them stable beyond reproach. That will take time. For now, we are reminded of Modi as that of the 1990’s China, still sleeping and bidding its time. But we do not have any doubt about Modi’s future and that of his country.  Someone is needed to keep China in check, and his recent stand on the Kashmir boarder clash with China is inspiring. But Modi himself is not shielded from domestic problems. He needs to make his domestic policies successful, as not to lose the support of the Indian people. He had his own slips, and he needs to be careful lest he will find himself exiting his post, and with that the bright future of India.

#5  Emmanuel Macron, the Hope of EU

20170323_macronFor a time, the president of France, Emmanuel Macron has been a symbol of the fight against the rising tide of White Supremacists around the world. His election to the office was inspiring, especially when he was fighting against a female version of Donald Trump. His decisive win gave the world hope, at a time when we badly need one, several months after the devastating US election. That crucial moment when all seems to be lost as the cloud of racist darkness threatens us all. But it was short lived. Macron saved the EU from destruction, halting the call for the other European countries to leave it. But the guy is facing a huge task of making EU relevant, addressing the woes of its members while trying to prove the Brexit advocates wrong. Angela Merkel of Germany wants him and herself to take the lead, at least in front of the camera, but the domestic problems are proving more and more difficult to handle and it seems that Macron is on the brink of exiting his post. If that happens, Merkel will be left alone again and we’re back to square one which is a bad sign especially when we need to turn the tide. The fight against the White Supremacists is not going well.

#4 Xi Jinping, the Asian Red Dragon

Vladimir Putin participates in APEC summitXi Jinping is wielding a sword that he doesn’t know how to use. That’s the only thing that is stopping him and China from being on the top of the world. Jinping and his party is torn between maintaining the old ways of communism and torturing people to bend on their will, and on the fascinating and ever promising side of democracy, at least in the economic side. The recent appointment of their Space Program chief is an indication that they are veering away (at least for now) from the traditional way of warfare into a more subtle and sophisticated way of conquering the world: online and on space. That is Jin Ping and China for you. They want the benefits borne from democracy while wanting still on maintaining their barbaric ways. But China cannot withstand open conflict, not if they want to replace the US as a superpower. They are having a hard time controlling ASEAN itself. Despite the Philippines caving in after defeating them in the International Court, other countries in that powerful regional bloc are poised on opposing them, Indonesia and Vietnam for example. Establishing their base of power in Africa is a brilliant move but they need the support of other countries to maintain power. For Jinping they need the EU, they need India (good luck with that), they need the US, for their great red dragon to stay awake.

#3 Justin Trudeau, the Leader of the New World

18f35c9915e9bf9be143e015192b8142--eye-drops-top-catsEveryone is saying that this guy is just a pretty face with a little brain but remember the time he lectured about Quantum Physics to a condescending reporter? Yep. And he’s not a push over. Quietly Justin Trudeau and Canada become a symbol of refuge of the ideas of liberty and equality that the US, with their moron president, had thrown into the garbage. Trudeau made it clear that gays are welcome in their quiet and tolerant country of Canada. And economic power? Of course they have it. Trudeau has little power in the international arena, choosing to stand aside while others debate about the fate of North Korea, Syria or Afghanistan. But he is doing what he’s other predecessors has been trained to do: keep a low profile, make your country strong internally, don’t lose your sense of humanity and support the countries that are committed for the greater good. But this guy has added something that none of the past presidents have, he’s popular, at least because of his looks, and he seems to be using it for full effect.

#2 Vladimir Putin, The Devil Incarnate

130616074846-putin-0516-horizontal-large-galleryEver since he successfully manipulated the US elections, Putin and Russia has never been the same. They are now much stronger than ever, emerging from the failed economic embargo the world has thrown at them. Putin and Russia emerged as a world power (again) a few hours before the final electoral votes were counted in the US and when we’re seeing red states instead of blue. That was when we realized we are screwed. Putin has emerged on the top without us knowing it. Only Germany seems to be standing up against him, all the others are falling in line or are just indifferent. Putin is trying to push their influence in the elections of other countries since then, failing badly in France while trying to wreak havoc in Germany. As of now, Putin is holding Trump on his throat, and that is power in itself. But he needs to watch his steps from now on. With the ever suspicious world now watching him, it takes only one gaffe on his part for the whole world to act against him. And we are praying that we wouldn’t need another world war just to stop this guy.

#1 Angela Merkel, the Leader of the Free World

undefinedKeeping yourself below the radar is a good strategy and Angela Merkel’s ability to make herself present in just the right moments is a gift. Like making the French president Macron looked like he’s heading the EU while in reality she’s the one calling the shots. Or the other time she spoke against the Nazi march in the US or when she spoke for the Paris Accord. Germany is still united unlike France and the US with very different opposing sides ripping each other’s faces. Perhaps because they have learned from their history of Hindenburg and Hitler. For a proof, look at their recent presidential debate which looked like a get together party than a debate. And they will have an election this year. You don’t know? Because it’s not a big deal for them really. She’s one of the remaining leaders standing against the evil Russian president Putin, telling him to “back off” in meddling in their election, like the one he did in the US. She’s after all, the leader of the free world.

The Finalists:

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