The TV Series Review Vol. 1 No. 9: Aboard the Lifeboat We Travel Through History in Timeless

TimelessThis is by far the best TV series this year, because of the fact that we like history. Hands down. The story of Lucy Preston, Wyatt Logan and Rufus Carlin, people who have a time machine and traveled back in time was not new, but the story and how it highlighted specific events in history, and the chain reactions and that of what would happen in the present if certain details of history were changed were just brilliant. In here, we list our top episode picks for this series because we can’t get enough of it.

#7 The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

timeless2Lincoln is here so of course this episode was special. The cool part in here? Seeing Robert Todd Lincoln and the initial fling with our very own history professor Lucy Preston. Sounds cheesy but there’s a bit of an awe here and you’ll think what should I do if I was in that situation? What could have happened if Lincoln lived during that fatal assassination night, or if all of the officials including VP Johnson were assassinated? The the episode did not tell, but from here on the action kicks off.

#6 Party at Castle Varlar

timeless-1Time travel will not be complete without the Nazis. Part James Bond, part NatGeo documentary, this episode was a thrill as the trio tried to stop Garcia Flynn, the former NSA asset-turned villain,  from arming the V rockets of the Nazis with an atom bomb. Too early. The cool part here was seeing Wernher von Braun, the engineer which made it possible for men to land in the moon. Which means Nazis are brilliant.

# 5 Karma Chameleon

Matt-Lanter-in-Timeless-Episode-1.02-161020-25The frustrating ways Wyatt took for the parents of his wife’s killer not to have sex during that fatal single night was both frustrating and amusing. In here, Wyatt and Rufus steals the lifeboat to go back in time to prevent the murderer from being born. When they returned it’s kind of heartbreaking to see that Wyatt failed to have his wife back, despite successfully preventing her killer’s parents to umm have sex. Sorry brother.

#4 The Alamo

Another amazing episode featuring the Battle of Alamo where Flynn tried to tilt the battle for the Mexicans. It teases us about what would happen if Mexico got hold of the Republic of Texas. Probably Mexico will be the size of Canada by now and Trump will not be the clown president. We saw William B. Travis here, with Lucy trying to write his famous letter because he was killed before he could finish it.There’s also the would be great soldier John William Smith. Well it’s heaven.

# 3 Space Race

timeless-renew-cancel-wk-21And also this will not be complete without featuring the greatness of NASA and the landing on the moon. The cool math stuff here will entrance audience as well as geeks who knows about computers and viruses and whatever. There’s the brilliant  Katherine Johnson countering an inserted DoS attack into NASA’s mainframe. Also we found out that their computers can store 2 MB of memory. Yes.

#2 Stranded (and) The Capture of Benedict Arnold

Probably two of our favorite episodes.  We’re lumping this into one because they’re close eras (somehow). Stranded features the French-Indian War in 1754 and shows the characters stranded in that year while The Capture of Benedict Arnold features Arnold himself and George Washington! Plus the Rittenhouse (the evil group behind all of these chaos) appeared in here in all of its glory. They’re clock makers. Gasps.

#1 The World’s Columbian Exposition

Timeless - Season 1Why this is our top pick? One reason: Harry Houdini. In this episode it’s 1893 and it’s the Chicago World’s Fair. Wyatt and Rufus got trapped in the World’s Fair Hotel, run by serial killer H. H. Holmes. And who would save them? of course Houdini in all his awesomeness!  Also when you have Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and J. P. Morgan all in one episode, it would tend to be the very best one.


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