Alt-Right vs The Resistance Part 1: Paul Joseph Watson vs William Legate

As J.K Rowling said in her 6th Potter book, Half-Blood Prince, “the war against Voldemort is not going well,” in this case, we could replace the word Voldemort with US president Trump, the British PM May or the Philippine president Duterte, who ever you may want. So in this article we would go to the one of the many battles going on between The Liberals or The Resistance vs the White terrorists Alt-Right, the one we may call the “Battle of Twitter.” So in this case we pick two of the most well-known figures from both sides and compare their tweets to see who’s winning, bigly!

For our first salvo, we chose William Legate, the 22-year-old Thiel Fellow, entrepreneur and creator of Ponder, representing the Resistance. On the other (dark) side, for the Alt-Right group, is the charming and very white and privileged Paul Joseph Watson who is apparently living on a basement or a warehouse, we don’t know for sure. His favorite hobby is to read Mein Kampf.  So without further ado, let the battle begin. (Please take note that some tweets were about the same subject/topic, other tweets were their replies to each other).

ROUND 1: “Political Violence”


Bad idea LeGate. Calm down or you’ll just prove Watson’s (and Trump’s) point about violence coming from all sides.


ROUND 2: “White Supremacists”


Setting aside the fact that “White Supremacists” are racists, their protests in the past were in fact peaceful, and this time Civil War might not include guns but of voices. So this round still goes to Watson.


ROUND 3: “Racism, and Supremacism (if that’s a legit word), Terrorism and other words with ‘ism'”


Sorry but history tells us that (wait Watson doesn’t know history that well *sniggers*) racism started with the white race feeling supreme and mighty and powerful and whatever so over the years as the white race decline in power, this feeling of being supreme is slowly translating to white terrorism to cling to that power. Okay enough history. This round goes to LeGate.


ROUND 4: “Free Speech”


This one is funny. When one side is calling the media “fake news”, assailing the truth if it hurts them (sad!) then calling for Google to defend free speech is hilarious. Just buy a gun instead.


ROUND 5: As per BuzzFeed “The Chaotic Battle To Be The Top Reply To A Trump Tweet”


When you can’t defeat an opponent and all you can do is whine and cry and scream “unfair!”

watson vs legate1

ROUND 6: “The Infamous Legate Meme”


A day after claiming that they had a “civil chat”, Watson tweeted this. But it turns out to be false because months after this, LeGate is still kicking Alt-Right butts including Watson’s, and winning bigly, so for the Alt-Right group, sad!

watson vs legate2

ROUND 7: “This is Intense”


Watson was some sort of a king in Youtube until he was booted out just this month, LeGate meanwhile is well-known in Twitter BUT Watson has way more (racist) followers than LeGate here so this round goes for Watson however witty LeGate’s retorts were.

watson vs legate3

ROUND 8: “Let’s Claim That 4chan Is A Relevant Internet Force”


The link is non-existent so enough said. All blabbering from Watson and LeGate just shrugged this off like saying “Watson you’re an idiot”.

watson vs legate5


ROUND 9: “Back to ‘It’s Hillary’s Fault’ Again”


When you can’t say anything to defend a crooked Trump so you write an article in your infamous infowars website about (for the 1000th time) Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, LeGate, and the rest of humanity, just want to have Donald Duck as president instead. Or frankly, anyone other than Trump.


ROUND 10: “The Civil Chat”


We end this on a happy (and hopeful) note: both sides can have a civil chat and yes Watson you’re right, there is hope for humankind.

watson vs legate4

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