(The Ultimate FIFA Players Ranking Vol 1 No 1) Rank 1: The French player Antoine Griezmann

We present the weekly Ultimate FIFA Players Ranking. We’re rating the players based on four criteria: Goals scored, games played, online presence and our own grade. Our top player for Volume 1 No 1 release of our ranking is the Atletico Madrid player Antoine Griezmann. Following the Neymar big news, Griezmann penned a new deal with the club. In his own words, “he couldn’t turn his back on them in their hour of need.” United would have to wait.

FP Griezmann


FP Sneijder


FP Kimmich


FP Rodriguez


FP Ter Stegen


FP Younes


FP Soares


FP Janssen


FP Meyer


FP de Sciglio

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