The TV Series Review Vol. 1 No. 8: I am a Sense8 but first let’s choose the members of my cluster

So of course we all like to have a cluster you know just in case BPO or some other sinister being, like your credit bank, comes hunting you down. And for my own cluster, please help me choose the seven perfect persons for the job. I listed down the Sense8 protagonists and let’s pick someone who are close to there characters and their abilities for a perfect, powerful and totally insane cluster.


For Capheus Onyango we choose: the French President Emmanuel Macron

d15313385a0efd6e8e650e9a03d14d8fCapheus Onyango is running for president in Kenya, not just any local position but for president which is sooo typical for a series it’s seemed to be not Sense8-like. But because of that we need a powerful person too, so for my first cluster member I’m thinking between Emmanuel Macron, the French president guy and Hillary Clinton who happened to be not the president of the United States. I like Hillary because she is so well connected and she have lots of followers, more than that of Trump, but we need someone in power in Europe which happens to be the base of BPO so who better to protect us than someone who leads the EU (despite what Marine Le Pen) will tell you. So for our first cluster member, I choose Emmanuel Macron.

For Kala Dandekar we choose: the demigod Percy Jackson

Logan_Lerman_on_the_set_of_Percy_Jackson_Sea_of_Monsters_in_Vancouver,_May_2012For our Kala, we need someone who could concoct a medicine for emergency purposes such as when you’re shot or in mind contact with the BPO evil head in which case you need a blocker. But it’s hard to find that kind of person so we decided we’ll go to someone who could heal us fast, like magically. Our first choice is Apollo, that’s right the Greek god of medicine, with him our cluster would be unstoppable, but alas, he is still a mortal Lester Papadopoulos so he’s kind of busy right now. Then it clicked! We decided for our Kala we could choose Percy Jackson, he’s a demigod, second best choice after a god (no offense Perse) and he could have heal us if he wants too, right? Please tell me we’re correct.

For Lito Rodriguez we choose: Kerry Washington


There are tons of people out there who could act and on the top of our list for a person who could act as bad ass as Lito is non other than Kerry Washington. Maybe we should ask her first if she knows bartending but apart from that she’s perfect for the role. And having her in my cluster would be like jackpot because I could read the Scandal script in advance and know who will die next episode, plus somehow meet the cast which would be very awesome.

For Riley Blue we choose: Johannes Strate

2016-06-20 23.09.25Sorry Riley but we can’t find any special with you expect that you could sing. So we look for singers out there who could be our Riley, we thought first of Luke Hemmings because we need 1) someone not from the United States preferably from Iceland 2) something indie. In those regards we have limited list of singers but then we thought of Johannes Strate, the front man of the German band Revolverheld. It kind of fits and we don’t have anything in mind, he could speak a language to that from Iceland and well that’s that.

For Wolfgang Bogdanow /Will Gorski we choose: Kellan Lutz as Hercules

2014-04-11 18.11.17In our mind Wolfgang Bogdanow /Will Gorski could be just one person, because they’re good at combat battles. So the question is should we look for a gangster leader (which scares me to tell you the truth) or we could look for a police officer, which is not a good idea because I’m averse to law enforcers, not that I’m a law breaker. So we decided to look for someone who is good in fighting because we’ll definitely be needing those. We still have a hangover from reading the new Rick Riordan’s Greek mythology story so we decided that we need Hercules for this one, I’m mean the words battle and Hercules are like synonyms. But who’s Hercules? Certainly not the Disney version so we looked for those actors who played the role and we saw Kellan Lutz. He could not know how to fight beyond the camera but we’re trusting that he somehow know how to punch plus he’s got this huge body so yep I think my cluster is safe.

For Sun Bak we choose: David Haller

8cff529ffc31b216155470e5eb5c9c69Our most favorite character in Sense8 is Sun Bak because what you will say we imagine her to have this superpower like she’s so calm but powerful af. And besides she’s got the saddest story among the 8, and she’s got this bad ass fighting skill. So to further protect my cluster from the BPO we need someone like her. We choose David Haller, and by choosing him we are unstoppable. We thought of Superman at first but it’s so cliche and we think he’s got a cluster already. Anyway, David is a sense8 in his own, like he’s got legions of other personalities in his head but his power is just so awesome and beyond words imagine if we have him in my cluster, like wow we’re safe. He’s a little psycho and I’m a little scared of the mutants in his head but we really need him.

For Nomi Marks we choose: Xavier Holliday


We initially thought of Jack Dorsey for Nomi Marks because he’s good at internet stuff being the god of Twitter and everything, and also we thought of those three smart ladies from Hidden Figures and that kid from the Chris Evan movie, there’s plenty of smart Math people to choose from it’s hard. We seriously contemplated programmer William Legate but he’s such an open target we need something not that famous so we choose Xavier Halliday because 1) he predicted that an asteroid will hit the earth 2) he’s crazy 3) he’s a math genius.

And now my cluster is complete and we’re ready to face those men from BPO but mostly I would just like to visit the towns/cities where my cluster members are we I think is the best thing about being a Sense8, apart from feeling things and those deep stuff.

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