The TV Series Review Vol. 1 No. 7: The White House War in Scandal and the Trashy, Twilight-level story that is Riverdale

Scandal: The White House War and Mellie Grant as President


And finally it’s over. Scandal election feels like a stretch of the real US election minus the bigot Trump and more bloody. The joining of the forces to take back Mellie Grant from those bastards who were trying to control her was epic though we’re not sure about the drone things, it looked like it came from a low budget Hollywood movie script. But all is well in the White House as Mellie was preparing to be sworn in as the first US president (We’re crying, please let this be real). But of course this is Scandal and there should be a finale bomb somewhere and yep there it was. We saw again Maya Pope and her pure evilness and seeing her battle with her husband was cool but we don’t buy that story about her protecting Olivia. Sure it happened to be true, but why? It doesn’t fit. She should have killed those bastards before it gets messy. Amid all these, we’re looking forward to the next season as the bomb shell that is an uncontrollable and powerful Olivia Pope emerged. We can’t wait for season 7.

Riverdale: A Trashy, Twilight-level Story


Okay so once upon a time we were excited to hear that a TV series based on the Archie Comics will be released, but the catch is it’ll be different, more mature (in a teenager definition of mature). We said that’s alright. Then they said it’ll be like Gossip Girls. We said we’re fine with that. Then they said it’ll be based on the “Twilight” characters. We coughed but then hey we like Emmett (Edward’s brother) so that’s umm *coughs*. But what we eventually failed to see, or refused to see, is that by turning it into a sort of CSI-like story featuring good-looking characters for ratings, it then plummeted to a level of story what we politely call garbage.

Maybe several years ago this could be overseen, because we’re all guilty of the existence of five Twilight films, but we have now shows with so much depth in their story and so much talent in their actors that Riverdale now becomes a trashy excuse for a series. The promise of a Season 2 where Archie’s father was shot is exhibit A. Good looking characters will not save this show from extinction, even KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse combined. When you have a story in the level of Twilight (even that of Eclipse), there’s no saving this series.

The Flash: Season 3 Final Thoughts

The Flash — “City Of Heroes” — Image FLA101c_0009 — Pictured: Grant Gustin as Barry Allen — Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW — © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Watching The Flash these days is kind of tiring but the familiarity of seeing the characters makes us not want to drop this show, however pissed we are of hearing about Savitar, though we must say that we like the evil Barry Allen under the suit. The Infantino Street made the story more interesting because of course we all thought that Irish will not going to die as per The Flash tradition because they will pull something to save the day. But nope she died and the story continues. We’re a bit hard on this season of the Flash the whole time but here are the good things about the season as our final thought:

1. The Time Remnant – the time travel and reaction/action explanation was dope.

2. Bigger roles for villains – Yep even that gorilla

3. Fewer fillers – remember season 2 where we’re treated to a bunch of side stories?

4. The acting – Barry Allen’s acting was improving to the point that we now like him as the Flash.

That’s it for Season 3, and now we’ll wait for a hopefully much better season 4.

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