The TV Series Review Vol. 1 No. 6: The Electoral College Votes for Mellie Grant as US President and the No Defiance EP in Scandal

Scandal:  The Electoral College Votes for Mellie Grant as US President and the No Defiance EP

olivia pope

First off, that episode where Olivia imagined what would have happened if they did not rig Defiance county in 2010? That was brilliant! The scene that always come to mind is where Olivia posed beside JFK’s framed photo, with a thumbs-up! And showing what would have happened to the characters if there was no rigging of the elections was fun. Fitz as a news anchor, the Gladiators watching The Bachelor, Mellie marrying Cryus (marrying Cyrus!), Olivia marrying Fitz (of course), and Quinn as winner of The Bachelor. It’s fun. It was hard to imagine Olivia as powerless before all of these things but really it must have been good if they just let Fitz lost the election. But then we would have no Scandal and so thank goodness for Defiance.

So on to the electoral college vote, Cyrus’ speech before the vote was epic but we did not expect that we would watch a landslide vote, we’re expecting something of a close vote, but given the circumstances, and in a Scandal style, we watched in horror (instead of joy, sorry Cyrus) as Mellie was elected as president. And now the real battle begins. Shonda Rhimes, you’re amazing.

Riverdale: We Need to Talk About Archie (Because There’s Something Really, Really Wrong About Him)


It can be called as successful how the production behind Riverdale created a character who will be fantasized by girls for years to come in the level of Edward in Twilight and Mr. Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey. But we’re talking about a character who’s supposed to be Archie Andrews and that my friends is what’s wrong. Excluding those facts about his hair color being weird and his face which looked like it was flattened, Archie’s character in Riverdale, his very soul, is not there. I get it that the producers are creating a different (way too different) versions of the Archie Comics characters but this Archie in Riverdale is beyond recognition anymore. If only they could bring back the fun side of him, the one who always gets into trouble because of his two girlfriends but still normal. If Riverdale looses Archie in its story process, then this whole series will collapse.

Legion: And Now We’re Lost


Just kidding, we get it. Come on we’re smart, or not. The plot thickens as Legion’s story progresses and now the mutants inside David’s head are free and we don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. Probably not, because, hey bring back David’s awesome power! There’s some fatigue creeping in over the series now but every episode holds something of a surprise and we’re sure that it will keep getting better. Also can we request for some X-Men characters to maybe be included in one or two episodes, just for fun. Please.


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