The TV Series Review Vol. 1 No. 5: A Tribute to Elena Gilbert, the Salvatore Brothers and the characters of The Vampire Diaries

In this year’s 5th TV Series Review we would like to give tribute to our 2010 Best TV Series: The Vampire Diaries, the addictive show which introduced us to Nina Dobrev (whom we still all have crush with) and the cast of the dark but equally (and with a tinge of guilt) satisfying story in Mystic Falls. The show which introduced us to the pre-famous Ed Sheeran and his song Give Me Love and to the other songs (we have mixed tape of it) Chances of Five For Fighting, Marching on of One Republic, Never Say Never of the Fray among others. In retrospect, the show became part of our lives back then and even though we fell apart after a several seasons, like Nina, we want to return for the last time to Mystic Falls, to pay our tribute to the characters of the story we once have been a part of. Thank you The Vampire Diaries for sharing your story with us.


b37a44ed58ba8c0504f62b8d36205990To Elena Gilbert who taught us the important things in life: family and friends. Despite the hardships, she remained loyal to who she really is: a human being capable of love and being loved, vampires or none.

To the Salvatore Brothers who introduced us to the dark and bloody and messy world of vampires, Stefan and Damon stand for each other until the very last, blood brothers until the end.

To Matt Donovan, the ever reliable best friend of Elena who taught us how to become a survivor and normal amidst the supernatural around him.


jermey-gilbert-3-jeremy-gilbert-22690759-500-281To Caroline Forbes who managed to make us hate her and love her at the same time, Mystic Falls and its story was a hundred times better with you around and we’re confident that yours would still become better.

To Tyler Lockwood, the epitome of a high school star who introduced us to the world of werewolves and made the story of Mystic Falls exhilarating, for being there for Caroline and Elena, thank you.

bonnie-bennett-galleryTo Jeremy Gilbert, the ever present brother of Elena, we tip our hats for the love that you showed to your sister, without you she will not survive. Her story is your story too.

To Bonnie Bennett the loving best friend of Elena and our favorite character who introduced us to the world of witchcraft and spells, you made us excited for every episode, we will not forget your story and thank you for keeping Mystic Falls safe.

To the Originals, your unique villainous style made the show special, thank you for story, and for bringing us the story of Mystic Falls.

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