The TV Series Review Vol. 1 No. 3: The Battle of Atollon, the Zero Hour in Star Wars Rebels leading to Rouge One and the Battle of Scarif

Riverdale: We are Team Jughead

cole-jughead-1484673840We are still reeling from this inhumane destruction of our childhood and everything that we hold dear in Archie and Friends as we still watch every episode of Riverdale with our mouths open, wondering where’s the freckles of Archie and what the eff is the color of that hair? As we get accustomed to the fact that this is in fact a CSI show, we rejoice on how our favorite character Jughead Jones is being brilliantly portrayed in the story. As a narrator, he tells the story with more depth than it really has, making us believe that there is more to this show than a typical murder story slash family drama riding into the fame of a popular comics story.


We put our hopes to Jughead, as always as in our childhood, to bring the magic of Archie and Friends back, to bring our childhood memories back. And for that we are Team Jughead.

Star Wars Rebels: The Battle of Atollon, the Zero Hour leading to Rouge One and the Battle of Scarif


While we do not believe that the Battle of Atollon would finally connect Star Wars Rebels to the story of Rogue One or to the storyline of A New Hope for that matter, the recent appearance of Obi Wan Kenobi and some of the high level Rebel leaders makes us feel that there is well…hope, for this series. The Battle of Atollon echoes that of every epic Star Wars battle, mirroring some of the intense space battle in Rogue One. Except for Bendu which was really weird, the season finale of the Rebels, though lacking the big shot characters like Darth Vader, felt like a true Star Wars story. While the Season 2 finale has Vader’s lightsaber battle with Ahsoka, the story on that previous finale reeks of Disney and childhood themes while the Battle of Atollon was pure and simple Star Wars. To the rebels who escaped Atollon and made it to Yavin, may the Force be with you.

Legion: the single most-intelligently challenging TV series as of this week

tumblr_om6a5vuda41tf42qso1_500If you’re clapping while watching a TV series episode even though you’re just 3 minutes through that episode chances are you’re in for a good ride and Legion’s episode, all of it so far, are intelligently written and executed you’ll just say wow. So we’re finally catching up with Legion and we’re in the part where David Haller, with the help of Oliver Bird, managed to break out of this weird mind control thing the Devil with the Yellow Eyes (yep that’s his name) conjured to control David. It’s X-Men action with depth and straight-on blow-up your mind intelligent writing we have ever seen, at least for this week. And Professor X is coming, I can feel it.

Scandal: Huck is Alive!

SCOTT FOLEYWe are happy to report that Huck is alive. While this was happening (as we watched a whole episode holding our breath in a hope that Huck will live, bravo Huck!) we’re lost on the untangling of strings in the story and all we could say was dude that plot was tiring. But the episode is still in the tradition of Scandal, and we’re looking forward as Olivia and her gladiators clash with this new found enemy that is not his father this time around, thank goodness. And also, can we skip all this drama and get on with the Electoral College vote? We’re waiting for it like months ago.  And in case you’re wondering, that’s a photo of Jake Ballard.

The Flash: Abra Kadabra and the Once and Future Flash


The Flash episode is back again to being boring. Come to think of it, all of the recent episodes of this show were boring. So Barry Allen will go to the future and will tamper the present again I’m sure (or will he?) but come on that guy never learns his lesson. But the idea of a future-themed story is cool, might be the one this show needs to invigorate its fan based. Abra Kadabra could be a major villian (and is a major villain in comics) in the succeeding episodes, but on the recent one, he sucked. And so we await the Once and Future Flash and save Irish which is what the whole season is all about.

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