The TV Series Review Vol. 1 No. 2: Obi Wan vs Maul, the final duel in Star Wars Rebels and the death of Huck in Scandal

Legion: I’m you, I’m me, I’m everything you wanna be


We told you Lenny Parker is a villain, sort of. Or she’s just crazy. So we’re finally catching up with the Legion EPs and all we can say is that the scene where he tried to save his sister? That was insane! Unparalleled powers! Just wow David Haller, you can beat Logan no problem. The other mutants’ powers were also featured somehow and the series is finally becoming a real X-Men story but we’re currently stuck in this mental hospital scene again and so time to be crazy again. David’s power is finally revealed in EP 5 if we’re not mistaken, the characters in his head being introduced (finally) which is good because we could finally maybe see some action in the style of the X-Men movies. And of course we’re waiting for Professor X to appear.

Scandal: The Death of Huck


So Huck died, we don’t care if you watched the last EP or not, he died. So the conspiracy behind the plot to install Mellie Grant at the White House is being revealed as the season progresses, and it’s getting exciting as per Scandal tradition. Introducing a new evil group or whatever you can call them, something beyond the control of Command, was a risky move but seems to be paying off. Again we reiterate our call to release Tom Larson from prison and more screen time please for Jake who’s face was hilarious when he’s nervous during the Huck-Quinn confrontation with all the guns and stuff.

And whatever happened to Ethan?

Star Wars Rebels: Obi Wan vs Maul Final Duel



Okay so let us be clear here: the Obi Wan vs Maul final duel? It’s not much of a duel, more of several seconds of lightsabers clashing and then Maul dying, finally, or not we’re not sure with that guy, he keeps on popping up in every Star Wars EPs from Clone Wars to Rebels. We could say that this last Rebels EP was cool because of the ratings-conscious desire of connecting with the original Star Wars story, Obi Wan, Tatooine etc. But we’re really pissed off with that kid Ezra who we are now 100% sure would join the dark side of the force ala Anakin Skywalker. To Disney, please continue doing these sort of things but do not again short change us.

The Flash: Supergirl and Mon-El in Central City


Another Flash-Supergirl crossover EP although there’s no Arrow in here but it’s okay. In this EP we’re back on Glee with a West Side Story touch courtesy of the Music Meister played by Glee star Darren Criss it’s weird and oddly enjoyable at the same time and we will not say that again. The Mon-El  and Supergirl conflict is in full swing in Central City which is awkward because there’s Barry and Irish. Anyway, Grant Gustin had to sing again, how awesome is that? And remember the time when Grant’s character in Glee had a thing with Darren’s character. And they got to meet again. Awkward. All we can say is love will find a way and all that whatever.

Also, The Flash is apparently not impressed with Supergirl’s more famous cousin. Sour grape lol.


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