The TV Series Review Vol. 1 No. 1: Watching Legion will make you crazy and why we’re tired of hearing about Savitar in The Flash

Legion: Watching it will make you crazy

tumblr_om6a5vuda41tf42qso1_500First off, David Haller’s hair is not what we expected it to be, not yet anyway according to cast interviews. And yes we’re a little behind schedule in watching this series because we need to watch it at least twice to get it because maybe we’re not smart enough in the first place? Seriously, this series will make you crazy but in a good way, this is the kind of stuff that you’ll want to watch over and over again without being guilty with your roommate when he asks “you’re watching that again?” Just say “it’s almost over.”

For you guys who didn’t read the X-Men comics,  Lenny Busker is a villain, or yes she’s a villain in a general def of villaines. She’s one of the Legion if we’re not mistaken and it shows. The crazy thing about this series is that we’re trying to determine whose with David’s head (members of the Legion) and who are “real” persons, thus helping us see what’s real and what’s not. And oh, that Syd Barret’s powers complicates things. But the plot gets clearer and clearer as David and Melanie Bird’s people gets to realize the full power of the Legion. And so we’re excited to continue watching umm two EPs more for us to be updated with this one.

Last quick one, Dan Stevens portrayal of David is superb, and for some reason he fits perfectly as the son of Professor X and Magneto (oops).

The Flash: Enough with the Savitar thing, please.

The Flash — “Versus Zoom” — Image: FLA218b_0150b.jpg — Pictured: Grant Gustin as Barry Allen — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

This whole thing with Savitar and saving Irish West is getting annoying as we get into the end of Season 3. Frankly we’re getting tired about the whole The Flash and Star Labs team story, they should get on into finishing this series, go back to drawing board and come up with a new plot that would hopefully help save this series.

One suggestion could be umm remember that Egyptian mythology characters? Bring that back, it’s cool. Also Savitar and his CGI is not cool.

No Tomorrow: How Xavier with an X is annoying and cool at the same time


So we just heard about this series which apparently will not be renewed because they don’t want the world to end just yet. Xavier Halliday or Hamish Stegner was annoying at the start of the series. Frankly, without the whole light and funny story, the whole series could be kind of annoying with the activities in the list pulling the whole story of the series, with the apocalypse as the plot. We also think that this series is racist, I mean Timothy Finger as Asian? Come one. And a beautiful white girl as lead. Typical.

Here is the Apocalyst of why we are annoyed about Xavier with an X. And why he’s cool at the same time:

1,259: He wears man beads

1,300: The beard

1,301: He’s big and scary

1,302: Please take a bath

1,303: Tattoos

1,304: The theory and how he acts like crazy which does and doesn’t make sense at the same time

1,305: Trailer truck

1,306: Get a proper job

1,307: He looks like Michael Fassbender

This is Us: Tell us how Jack Pearson died. Now!

This is Us - Season 1
THIS IS US — “Career Days” Episode 106 — Pictured: (l-r) Lonnie Chavis as Randall, Milo Ventimiglia as Jack — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

We thought at EP 17 we will know how Jack Pearson died but nope so we waited and wiated for EP 18 to know for sure what happened, like how he will die in a car crash drunk (swooping it two fan theories at once), but no, he lives! So what’s the deal NBC? Also in EP 18 and other EPs for that matter, we found out that without the other characters, the Big 3 was missing for the most part, we find that a This is Us story is not complete without them, so please have an EP where we can all see them together. Flashback or not.

And also, tell us how Jack Pearson died. Now!

Scandal: The Looming Electoral College Vote


When all else failed, go back to watching Scandal. Honestly we’re not that interested on who killed President-elect Vargas, we just want to get the Electoral College to vote already. That’s just that. And also we want to see Tom Larson more so get him out of the jail. Also we still like Jake even though he’s a psychopath.

Star Wars Rebels: The Formation of the Alliance to Restore the Republic


The only interesting parts about this Star Wars series are the stories linking the Phoenix Squadron into the larger rebellion, like what happened in EP 18 when we get to see the formation of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. This is getting interesting, so enough with the Chopper sub stories.

But we like the Mandalorian stories so umm okay carry on Disney.

(Feature image:,c_limit/legion-kitchen.gif)

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