Poop Hammer! The Best of DanTDM Youtube Videos

This is where we try to pick 1o Youtube videos amongst the thousands uploaded by DanTDM (https://www.youtube.com/user/TheDiamondMinecart/videos) and rank them from 1 to 10 which is no big deal especially if we’ll do it in just about 5 minutes just like in Minecraft. If you disagree with this list, then bring out the poop hammer!

So (in a DanTDM voice) Everyone! You’re he-a! (here). Get some Wota! (water).


Top 10: DanTDM reacts to Kids React to DanTDM

There’s something cool about DanTDM’s laugh which we tried to imitate (because it’s cool) but we can’t. Here on this video where he reacted to a video of a bunch of kids reacting to his video, we got to hear this awesome laugh many times. While there’s a little Minecraft action here (he-a!), this is enough to land in a top 10 spot. Plus the kids’ reaction to his videos are hilarious.

Top 9: Reacting to Old Videos. 11 Million Subscribers Special.

Here’s another reaction videos but this time DanTDM reacts to his old, old videos like super old ones a special one because his Youtube channel apparently hit 11 million subscribers. Yey. So there’s a lot of Minecraft here, or at least old Minecraft videos. How many times did we say old? Ok we need to stop.

Top 8: Eggcellent Wife Challenge.

This next video proves that DanTDM does not just sit in his room in his fancy chair. He has a wife. That does mean he’s old or something? I mean a wife? But no, he’s still cool, and the questions and answers in this video will get you afraid of eggs. And oh, we get to know him more on this one. No Minecraft or Pokemon or Five Nights at Freddy’s tho.

Top 7: DanTDM reviews old-school games.

Another review video, I know. But this is kind of cool because he gets to review some old-school stuff. We did not even know what the names of those stuff but watching him review these old-school games, watching him play these games is awesome (we can’t think of another word for cool). This is not from his channel, this is from BBC but it still counts.

Top 6: Drawing Things Blindfolded!

By this time you will realize that there’s no Minecraft videos here. Just kidding. There’s one or two of them in here haha (DanTDM laugh). In this video DanTDM tried to draw things blindfolded which is what you read in the title above so yeah. The video is revealing because it proves that outside Minecraft, he can create/draw things. Or not.

Top 5: Dyeing My Hair Purple!

One of the things that we like about DanTDM aside from his Minecraft prowess, his laugh and the fact that he looks like a lead singer in a band with members that are always high AF, is his purple hair. And guess what, he has a video where h did color his hair, which you can watch here (he-a).

Top 4: I Sing My Theme Song!

Not a big fan of this one but the other annoying people watching me write this stuff insisted in including this one, and also insisted that it should be on the top spot, but I put my foot down on it and so it landed at 4th. In this video, he just sings his video intro, but not really because he just commented on a fake video of him singing his video intro while eating something sour. What’s great with that? Idk you tell me.

Top 3: Minecraft. Legendary Panda. Build Battle Minigame.

We can’t can’t have this one on our list. (Readers on the background: finally! A Minecraft video!) In this video, DanTDM built the coolest and most legendary of pandas in the entire world and I’m not kidding. Build battle videos are always the coolest.

Top 2: Minecraft Emojis. Build Battle Minigame.

Another Build Battle video, this one is about emojis, not big deal. There are also lucky blocks building where we learned that yellow is really, really bad for building lucky blocks so you need to go for gold.

Top 1: My First Minecraft Tattoo.

Our top DanTDM video is about his wicked Minecraft tattoo. Just a regular video of him going to the tattoo shop to have a Minecraft inked on his skin, but this is symbolic guys so bear with me.

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