Best TV Shows of 2016 Complete List: From Chicago Fire to Damien

We present the Top 10 list of best TV shows for 2016:

Top 10: Chicago Fire

This is the story of, yes, fire fighters in Chicago and to cut to the chase it has pretty women and handsome guys (which is ridiculous, how can they be fire fighters?) and it has love stories so it’s interesting. But seriously, the stories per episode is, like that of Billy and Billie, will remind you that the real world is still existing out there. The stories are touching and well written and the actors superb, making this show a must watch. I am playing catch up and there’s about 50 or so episodes more before I am done with it which, to tell you the truth, is frustrating.

Top 9: The Flash

Season 2 ended last May and it was a much cooler and well-written finale than the last one. I still could not get over on the fact that it failed to enter the annual Top 10 list last year (which I made, again, weird). This year it is included in the list, finally. It needs to improve its numbers (and its story) though to stay on track on next year. What’s this show about? You don’t know the Flash? God’s of Egypt. It’s of course a show about a superhero who’s super fast, like the fastest man alive. To the outside world he’s an ordinary forensic scientist but secretly, with the help of his friends at Starlabs, he used his speed to fight crimes and find meta-humans like him. That’s the show’s intro by the way, the second coolest intro after Airbender’s (Earth, fire, water, air. Long ago…).

Top 8: Star Wars Rebels

Why is a Star Wars show in the bottom of the list? Well, that’s because this one is from Disney, like The Force Awakens, it lacks the trademark and soul of the true Star Wars story. But nonetheless there are jedis in here and lightsabers and the Force and the Sith and other cool stuff that only a Star Wars fan could relate into. So I am impatiently waiting for the next season and I know that the Force is strong with this show. ( I pulled that one alright, right?)

Top 7: Billy and Billie

This is a story of a guy who is in a relationship with his sister (step-sister but still) and they’re both named Billy (the other one with IE in the end). This show is light and funny with a little dash of seriousness. The story is real, a much needed respite to the TV shows on the list above which could all make you forget what the real world is (except Chicago Fire). Again, I watched the first ten episodes in just one sitting, that’s the reason for its ranking (it topped the February list).

Top 6: Scandal

The problem with this series is that it was always eclipsed by some other shows. It ranked number 2 from February (start of season 5) to May. If you don’t know what’s this show is about, (why? It’s on its 5th season!)this is a Shonda Rhimes creation (shame on you if you don’t know her) about Olivia Pope and her gladiator lawyers. The main story is Olivia’s relationship with the president of the United States with superb backstories about how they helped in cheating in the elections while killing people along the way. It’s cool!

Top 5: This is Us

When it had an off week, I was disappointed because my television-based emotional outlet wasn’t there. I can scoff at these plot developments with Kevin — a successful, attractive white man so crippled by self doubt — or sigh when a joke about [insert healthy food here] is made at Kate’s expense, or sit through yet another parental breakthrough between William and Randall. And yet, I’m still drawn to these people and their stories. This show may be manipulating me into feeling but I’m totally buying it at this point, and will until they stop selling it convincingly. (AVClub Review)

Top 4: Euro 2016

Euro 2016 was included in the list because Germany failed to enter the Final. Just kidding. There were many surprises on the 2016 edition of the Euro football cup but the ending was satisfying: an international title for Cristiano Ronaldo, finally. Did we mention Antoine Griezmann? We should.

Top 3 (Bronze Award): Marco Polo

I’m giving this show a good rating because it does eventually pick up and fill out. But I also won’t readily advise others to “stick with it.” Time is a commodity. And Marco Polo never transcends into anything worth “sticking with” just so that it can get better. But those who choose to watch it all, whether simply because it’s a new Netflix series or for other aspects that appeal to you, will experience the show finding itself, and getting better, as it pushes forward. (IGN review)

Top 2 (Silver Award): Sense8

I got addicted with this one, I watched this show non-stop, topping the March list. This is one crazy show, a breakthrough as many have hailed it. This show is about 8 individuals from different parts of the world who could communicate with each other and could sense each other’s feelings (fear, happiness all those things). The story and the premise of this show is bad-ass, and be warned because once you watched the first episode, you’ll never stop until the last one. When’s the next season? Damn it.

Best TV Show of 2016 (Gold Award): Damien

So the Number of Damien Thorn, its ratings, was not sufficient enough to warrant a second season which was frankly unfair and a loss to the TV audience. It was like people chose the paintings that they were interested in, leaving the true master of art, on a corner to rot, denying people of an opportunity to criticize and appreciate its beauty.

We might never know what Damien will do as the newly crowned anti-Christ, how the Vatican will act and the events that would be born out of the battle between these two opposing forces.

But to creator Glen Mazzara, for us fans, you passed the audition.


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  1. Red says:

    I certainly concur with your assessment of Damien; a fantastic show which was cancelled much too soon. Bradley James really outdid himself as the lead, he was just extraordinary. He and Barbra Hershey had amazing chemistry and their scenes together crackled and made for the best television of the decade.

    It was a bitter disappointment when A&E cancelled Damien. I was angry enough that I immediately cancelled my subscription with them altogether!

    At least, we can console ourselves that show runner Glen Mazzara knew ahead of time that Damien was not going to be renewed (or at least had an inkling) and gave the fans a satisfying series ending. Not every question was answered and there are still plenty of areas to be explored but we weren’t left in the middle of a major cliff hanger.

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