Hollywood audition: Actors who should play the lead in film adaptation of these popular young adult books (Part 2)

Part 2 of our Hollywood audition job (sort of) is here, this time we’re looking for actors who would play the part of Leonard Peacock in, of course, “Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock”, the introspective cartoonist Josh in “Isla and the Happily Ever After” and four other more lead characters in these popular (or not so popular) YA books.

“Forgive Me Leonard Peacock” by Matthew Quick

Happy Birthday Leonard Peacock! This is a story of a boy who wanted to kill his former best friend, and then himself, with his grandfather’s P-38 pistol. And of course we want Max Meyer to play the role of Leonard, not because we want him dead, but because, well, we don’t have any particular reasons. We just like the guy.

thumbOh, who is he? He’s a U-23 football player for Germany (captained the team in their silver medal finish in Rio Olympics). He’s not an actor and this book needs huge internalization or whatever you call it but he just looks like a bullied boy to us. Sorry buddy. You’ll ask next who will play the various characters Leonard left letters to? There are a lot of characters in this book that actors can choose from, like the Humphrey Bogart expert Walt, Baback the violin player (Trump voice: Oh no!) or Lauren, the crazy girl he had a crush on. But we feel it is important for us to choose who Herr Silverman (his Dumbledore-like teacher, but he’s young) will be, and for that we choose a German actor, a known one, if you’re into Steve Jobs movies and X-Men and other war movies involving Germans or any movies with Germans for that matter. That’s right, we choose the Oscar-nominated actor Michael Fassbender.

“Isla and the Happily Ever After” by Stephanie Perkins

This is the third book in the series lazily called “Anna and the French Kiss series” after the first book which apparently was a hit (and yes we will cast the lead for the first book, forget the second one). For the emo guy Josh, we need someone who can sing, because that makes sense. Or not. We choose for this role 5 Seconds of Summer lead vocalist Luke Hemmings (yes, the guy on the photo above). You might not know him or attended one of his band’s concerts but check they’re song “Disconnected” it’s cool. Luke kind of fits the description of a dirty (sorry that’s how we see the lead character, and Luke) and emo guy with a dirty hair who looks like he takes a bath regularly, like once a week.

By the way, the story and the series revolved around this bunch of American students in a French school, in Paris, of course, and this Josh was the one who was left behind (thus his story is in the third book) because he’s a junior and so there you go. In fairness, this book is much better than the other two, a little deeper and more mature so that’s that.

“How to Love” by Katie Cotugno

First, no, we will not cast separate actors for the before and after scenes because what the eff it’s not as if it spans ten years. This is a headache-inducing book (because of the After and Before alternating chapters) and a sick story about falling in love twice. “How to Love” is about a guy named Sawyer LeGrande who got his girlfriend Reena pregnant before disappearing from her life, like he’s gone without a word.Typical American guy. But then three years have passed and he came back in town, and turns out that he did not know that Reena got pregnant and stuff like that. And oh, he’s drinking Slurpee as an alternate to his marijuana (or some illegal drug) addiction. Nice guy.

Anyway, we were told that this guy Sawyer is extremely handsome and it’s no problem because Hollywood has plenty of those so without any difficulty we choose Ashton Kutcher for the role. If you don’t know him which is quiet impossible he’s the actor behind some of our favorite movies like “Killers” and um wait we need to Google it…Got it, he starred in movies like that Steve Jobs (one of the many), Valentines Day, No Strings Attached among others.

“Wrong About the Guy” by Claire LaZebnik

“Wrong About the Guy” is really not a story about a guy but of Ellie Withers, a spoiled (though she’s denying it) daughter of a famous TV star who got this nerd guy from Harvard, George Nussbaum as a tutor (he graduated like when he was 19 or something, which makes him smart apparently) and how she fell in love with the guy (obviously). Nothing too fancy in the story.

1a9bcc5d21eced070a9fcb17a944b5d5So for a nerd, we looked for a movie with nerds which is abundant and we came across with this not so old movie, a one called “Project Almanac” where the guy invented a machine of some sort for time travel and did some cool stuff like kill Hitler (top in Time Travel 101 to do list) and attend a noisy concert over and over again during classes. The lead guy in there was Jonny Weston and his appearance (and his jacket) fit perfectly as George though in real life as per Google image he looked like something who would bully the nerds. I don’t know how they pull that one off.

For the handsome best friend of Ellie (because YA novels need handsome supporting characters) who goes by the name of Aaron Marquand we choose oh forget about him, we’ll just cast her father the TV star (we forgot the name), and for that we choose Alexander Skarsgård, the Tarzan guy because the book said he was singer and we like to keep things crazy here.

“Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between” by Jennifer E. Smith

Now this one is a winner tackling a very serious problem if you happened to be not a real person but are characters in a YA novel: figure out whether they should stay together or break up. It sounds corny but Clare and Aidan’s story was deeper than that. The book dwells on their past, retracing the steps of their relationship: meeting friends, knowing their families, making memories around their town. The story shows the very best of what a YA novel is, as the characters races against time to search for their future. The question is, will it be goodbye for now or goodbye forever? From the author of “The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight”, Jennifer E. Smith, this book should be in your list.

Now we’re checking our list to see who we chose to play the role of Aidan as we’re typing this and it appears to be, yes, Lars Bender. You might not know him; he’s not that very popular. Also, he’s not an actor. He’s this German football player (again) who has a twin brother (They’re collectively called “The Bender Brothers”) but we’re not talking about him. He’s part of the team in Rio Olympics who got the silver medal but I know you’re not interested in that. Lars could speak English don’t worry, and he looks like your typical American teenage guy so we thought that’s perfect.

“Hot Head” by Damon Suede

This is “Chicago Fire” transformed in a new level which features Brooklyn firefighters (of course) Griff Muir and his best friend and partner at Ladder 181, Dante Anastagio. And you know the drill, this two will be together at the end, sorry for the spoiler there but the interesting thing is that they both dabbled in this site called HotHead.com apparently for Dante to have the money to pay for his house or something. Did we mention that they’re firefighters?

2016-04-23-22-16-50We have a perfect choice here (or so we think) of who will play as the Italian Dante which is Joe Manganiello though we’re not sure if he’s Italian but who cares we’re trying really hard here. Joe starred in films that most popular is, we know you know this, “Magic Mike” and Magic Mike the sequel or something. What makes him cooler, sans the no shirt thing, is that he’ll be playing Deathstroke (the Batman villain, you idiot) in the upcoming solo Batman film! And a fun fact, he played as the bully in the first Spiderman film the one with Tobey Maguire in it.

Kellan Lutz (again sorry we’re running out of choice or we’re just lazy to search for another one) could be Griff seeing that he’s American and we don’t why that’s important. Kellan played Hercules in the movie titled “The Legend of Hercules” or we might be wrong with that title, and a vampire brother of the lead vampire in sparkly Twilight series.

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