Hollywood audition: Actors who should play the lead in film adaptation of these popular young adult books (Part 1)

We can’t wait for the film adaptations of these young adult novels so we took it upon ourselves to cast the lead characters of these books from Tom Holland (the new Spiderman guy) as Colin Singleton (read on so you’ll know who we casted as Hassan Harbish) to Zac Efron (yep, I know) as  “A” in David Levithan’s Everyday. So cheers! And may this article reach Hollywood.

“Everyday” by David Levithan

We are starting off with a very tricky choice here. As some of you may know (at least those who read the book), the main character in this David Levithan book, his name was just “A”, did not have any physical body, he’s just like kind of a ghost, or a spirit, or something. This spirit (we’ll settle on that) flitted in and out of teenage bodies for a day, everyday, thus the title of the book (the rule was if he’s 16 years old then he could, for lack of better term “posses” bodies of 16-year olds and so on).  He fell in love with this girl Rhiannon whom he confided (with greatly difficulty) his secret and they met everyday with “A” having to appear in different teenage bodies everyday, it’s romantic. Or not.

cam-gigandet-hairstyleAnyway, at the end of the story (sorry for being a spoiler here) “A” chose a teenage guy whom Rhiannon should fall in love with. His name was Alexander Lin. So we’ll be casting for that one cause of the complicated thing of “A” not having any physical body. Alexander was described as a thing Asian guy but we’ll deviate from that, it’s not good for the box office (was that racist? I hope not).

For this part we chose Kevin Zegers at first but we decided to cast a more known star, this being a great book, so we chose Zac Efron instead. I know the guy’s not Chinese but hey they cast Matt Damon in “Great Wall.” Zac doesn’t need any intro, just search him in IMDB and boom.

And for a quick one, we chose Cam Gigandet to play Rhiannon’s former boyfriend whom we all hate.

“An Abundance of Katherines” by John Green

Yes! I’m super psyched for this one being this is one of my favorite books of all time. Two of John Green’s books were turned into movies (namely The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns) and one (Looking for Alaska) is in production. But I was told that this book is not too popular to be turned into a film which is a bummer and unfair!

tumblr_inline_mordt7vrfy1qz4rgpAnyway, “An Abundance of Katherines” is way much cooler than the other John Green books, believe me. As Donald Trump says “It’s going to be a beautiful thing to watch” when it reaches the big screen It’s the story about this protégée named Colin Singleton who has dated like 10 plus something (I lost count) girls named Katherine (or a variation of that name). This book is a road trip with an overweight, Judge Judy-loving best friend riding shotgun–but no Katherines. Colin is on a mission to prove The Theorem of Underlying Katherine Predictability, which he hopes will predict the future of any relationship, avenge Dumpees everywhere, and finally win him the girl. And avoid the feral hog on their trail.

For this we choose Tom Holland, the English guy who snatched the Spiderman role from Andrew Garfield, because we really need a good actor for this one. He is known as the one who played the title role in “Billy Elliot the Musical” at the Victoria Palace Theatre, London, and he also starred in the 2012 film “The Impossible.” For Hassan Harbish, here we go, this one is special, we choose Jacob Neayem, he a little-known actor who starred in (according to his IMDB) ARQ (2016), Regression (2015) and Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001).

“Boomerang series” by Noelle August

This series is composed of three books, “Boomerang”, “Rebound” and “Bounce” so we need three lead characters here. The stories of the three books are intertwined and kind of continuous so whatevs.


This first book centers on Ethan, a collegiate football (the real one) star and his internship in a dating site called Boomerang.com. The thing is that he fell in love with this girl who is his competition to be promoted as an employee in that company and you know all that YA novel stuff.

For this part, we choose not a Hollywood actor, he’s not even an actor. You might not know him but Johannes Strate is a singer and frontman of the band Revolverheld. Weird but upon reading the story we kind of visualize him as Ethan. We could pick up any football player (we seriously debated picking Vincent Janssen of HotSpur) but just for fun, a German singer it is!


20705722For the second part of the series we turned into the annoyingly emo story of the owner of Boomerang.com, Adam Blackwood and how he overcome the drama of his wife being dead because and thing like that. But seriously, among the three books, this one is by far the best.

SONY DSCSo, we need a not that young guy who has a tattoo (that’s important), who would look like he belongs to Palo Alto and could be a model in Las Vegas at the same time. So we choose Stuart Reardon. Again, he’s not a Hollywood actor but an English fitness model and professional rugby league footballer who is currently playing for North Wales Crusaders.He was described as Ryan Gosling in the book but we believe that the guy is so overrated sorry to his fans.

He was described as Ryan Gosling in the book. To quote it says “At twenty-two, he’s fabulously wealthy, Ryan Gosling-hot and at the top of the heap in the business world. His life is perfect, until a scandal from his past resurfaces and knocks the tech wunderkind down, throwing his company, Boomerang, a hook-up site for millennials, into chaos.” But we believe that the guy is so overrated sorry to his fans. He does not have that techy look but who cares. Our criteria for judging was the tattoo on his arms and chest which is pretty bad ass. And believe us, it’s hard to find a guy with a cool tattoo.


We’re back to a YA novel story with a lot more sense (and depth) for the last part of the series which centers on the brother of Adam Blacwood, the singer Grey Blackwood, who, just like others in California, wanted to be famous, become a member of a famous band and all that delusions of grandeur.

We need a guy with tattoo on this part too, because he’s the brother of Adam, but it’s okay because we choose Tom Hopper from “Black Sails.” He is an English actor who has appeared in several television programs and films including Merlin, Doctor Who, Casualty and Tormented. He is best known for playing Sir Percival in the BBC series Merlin. I know we should place a singer here but he was described as a big guy in the book. For the tattoo part, we just need to create a fake one.

“21 Proms: Primate the Prom” by Libba Bray

This book contains the stories of “21 of the funniest, most imaginative writers today create their own kind of prom stories. Some are triumphs. Some are disasters. But each one is a night you’ll never forget.” That’s from Goodreads by the way.There are 21 stories about prom in this book, so in order for this article not to resemble Lord of the Rings in length, we choose Primate the Prom to represent the whole book. It’s the story of Ryan and Carter and all their drama of being together and not being together if you get it.

michael-phelps-ryan-lochte-splitSo there’s a prom story here of course and so for fun we choose Ryan Locthe to play the asshole guy (we forgot which of them) and Vincent Janssen, the Tottenham Hotspur football player, to play the good guy.

If you don’t know Janssen, he’s the guy who always smile during interviews even if he hasn’t score a goal. As for Lochte, he’s the US swimmer, Olympic gold medalists and all those respectable stuff who lied in Brazil and apologize for lying afterwards, after escaping that country that is. It’s fun to have Lochte casted on this role because he might not have a hard time acting the part and for Janssen, we just like the guy. And hey don’t complain that they’re not Hollywood actors, we’re losing options here. (and sorry for the lack of synopsis for Primate the Prom, we can’t seem to remember the story ha).

“Are We There Yet?” by David Levithan

For the synopsis of this book we turn on to the ever reliable Goodreads:

“Sixteen-year-old Elijah is completely mellow and his 23-year-old brother Danny is completely not, so it’s no wonder they can barely tolerate one another. So what better way to repair their broken relationship than to trick them into taking a trip to Italy together? Soon, though, their parents’ perfect solution has become Danny and Elijah’s nightmare as they’re forced to spend countless hours together. But then Elijah meets Julia, and soon the brothers aren’t together nearly as much. And then Julia meets Danny and soon all three of them are in a mixed-up, turned-around, never-what-you-expect world of brothers, Italy, and love.

henry-cavill-shirtless-in-man-of-steel-320842Are We There Yet? isn’t about a place on a map, it’s about a place in the heart. David Levithan has written a magical story of a journey definitely worth taking.”

We thought of casting the Lars brothers (the German football players) here but it’s kind of too easy. We choose Gus Kenworthy to play Elijah, the wayward brother in our opinion, despite what you’ve read on the synopsis, and Henry Cavill, the Superman guy, as Danny, the principled guy, again despite what you’ve read on the synopsis. Both Gus Kenworthy and Henry Cavill is too old for the roles but it’s Hollywood and they can pull it of no problem. Anyway you might not know Kenworthy because he’s not an actor, he is a British-born American freestyle skier from Telluride, Colorado who competes in slopestyle and also the halfpipe. Kenworthy won the silver medal in Men’s freestyle skiing at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. We choose him because of his rugged look, and the I-don’t-care-about-the-rules image and his smiles on the Google image. Henry Cavill, meanwhile, of course we all know him, could act as the strict brother if he wears that Clark Kent eyeglasses and polo long sleeves. And khaki pants.

“The Party Boy’s Guide to Dating A Geek” by Piper Vaughn and Xara Xanakas

coverTo describe the two characters in this book we, again, turn to Goodreads:

Ashley Byrne only wants one thing in life: to finish his tattoo apprenticeship and fulfill his dream of owning his own shop. In the meantime, he spends his nights partying, flirting, and having sex. After all, what else is there for him to worry about? Aside from his hair and his clothes, not much. He’s hot, and rest assured no one knows it better than him. He’s also used to getting what he wants—until he meets Felipe Navarro.

14198713785467Fee Navarro has everything he needs: a great IT job, a nice apartment, and all the high-tech toys his geeky heart could ever want. He doesn’t do casual, and he knows guys like Ash are nothing but. Ash may burn hot for Fee, but Fee isn’t willing to take a chance on a vain, little party boy with too many tats and an oversized ego. He wants someone to share his life with, and he won’t settle for anything less. Too bad Ash has never been the type to give up easily. He has a plan, and he’s not stopping until he proves he’s more than just a pretty face—he’s someone worthy of winning Fee’s heart.

For Ashley Byrne, we need to search for a guy with tattoo again (what is it with these YA novel authors and their fascination with tattoos?) so we ended up with Tom Hardy although we’re not sure if he has real tattoos but we saw he have those in his body in a particular movie which we’re too lazy to check out the title. Anyway if you don’t know him, he’s kind of top level actor, having been nominated in Oscars. He also portrayed Bane in the superhero film The Dark Knight Rises (2012), “Mad” Max Rockatansky in the post-apocalyptic film Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), and both Kray twins in the crime thriller Legend (2015).

tumblr_o6xzytiays1sx679fo1_400For Fee Navarro, just for fun again, we choose Bradley James because we want to see him in a nerdy look and his serious aura needs no working on. Bradley was the guy on the popular BBC series “Merlin”, but nope he’s not Merlin but King Arthur. He has since appeared in Homeland and iZombie, and stars as the title character in the television series Damien. His film roles include Carl in Fast Girls in 2012 and a villain in the future Underworld: Blood Wars.

Hardy and James are both British so yey.

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