TV Series, Music and Movies Weekly Wrap-up: Who Will Be the Next James Bond? The London Odds on Tom Hardy

Here’s Geek God Review’s top news picks on TV series, music and movies as we wrap-up this week from a sad news about the BBC series Merlin definitely not going to the screens again (not with the original cast, which is a bummer) to another more sad news about the official end of One Direction as Niall Horan released his single “This Town.” But there are happy ones too like ht betting on who will become the next James Bond and the like.

Movies: Who Will Be the Next James Bond? The London Odds on Tom Hardy


When the best, darkest, and most brutal James Bond in a generation, Daniel Craig, told a reporter earlier this year that “I’d rather slash my wrists” than do another 007 film, much less two, he set off a tsunami of global guessing for a successor that has yet to abate. At the end of the day, it’s going to be about the Broccolis, which is to say, Cubby Broccoli’s fabulous, hardnosed daughter Barbara and her brother Michael Wilson, the Bond producers, and right now they’re not talking.

The speculation has been heavy in Hollywood, of course, but most fiery in that sturdy land from which Bond and his cohort—the beloved M, Q, Miss Moneypenny—spring, namely, dear old England. Which is also where the Broccolis and Eon Productions are.

One deeply entertaining fact about England is that its many bookmakers will take a bet on, well, anything, really – everything from who will be the next Pope to the year in which Prince Harry will finally marry. They will attack any story. For them, and for Britain, Bond — the novels and the entire half-century of films — is a local story.

What it means is that, for the last few months, the best ground-up view into the next chapter of the Bond franchise has been gained by tracking the odds of which actor and/or public figure the British hivemind is betting. The Bond tote has become a leading index much like the Dow, especially recently, in light of this summer’s—certainly leaked and possibly fictitious—offer to Craig of a mind-blowing $150 million for doing the next two Bond films.

At Ladbrokes, Tom Hardy is actually sitting at 2/1, ahead of Huston and Norton, but some bad numbers (higher odds) at some other bookmakers have ratcheted him down to fourth on the Oddschecker megatote.*1

TV Series: Merlin star says there won’t be a revival


In a land of myth and a time of magic – that’s BBC One in 2012 – the final episode of Merlin hit our screens.

Four years on and we’re still wondering what happens to that trilogy of spin-off movies that was announced. But if you’re still holding out hope for a revival, we’ve got bad news – it ain’t happening.

“I think that ship has sailed, I’m afraid,” actress Angel Coulby – who played Guinevere – told Digital Spy. “I think we’re all a bit too old now – if they did ever do a film, we’d probably all be recast in younger form!”

Merlin ran for five series (2008-2012) and starred Colin Morgan as the boy wizard, with Bradley James as Prince (later King) Arthur, Coulby as ‘Gwen’ and Katie McGrath as Morgana. “It was a great experience and a show I’m still very proud of,” Coulby said. “But we’ve all moved on to other projects now, so Merlin will just have to remain a happy memory.”

Indeed, the Merlin lot haven’t done half bad since the show wrapped. Morgan’s doing a hit drama double with BBC Two’s The Fall and Channel 4’s Humans, James was the lead in supernatural US series Damien and McGrath is now a regular on Supergirl. Coulby, meanwhile, makes a guest appearance as tomb raider Melina in Hooten & The Lady, airing tonight (September 30) on Sky1. *2

Movies: From Farm to Fame: Kellan Lutz’s Journey to Hollywood

2016-04-23-22-16-50Actor Kellan Lutz is a classic Hollywood heartthrob. His face (and abs!) have graced the ad campaigns of Abercrombie & Fitch, Levi’s and Calvin Klein, he’s landed leading roles in the “Twilight” film franchise and “The Legend of Hercules,” and makes cameos on TV series, including HBO’s “The Comeback.”

When Lutz is not on set or posting inspirational quotes on Instagram, the North Dakota native spends his time traveling the world and working with philanthropies like PETA, the Royal Family Kids’ Camp and the St. Bernard Project.

On a recent episode of Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis, Lutz shared details about his past like growing up in a big family and how he manages to stay on top of his busy Hollywood career.

Here are 3 things you might not know about Lutz

1. He is an entrepreneur with multiple patents

For anyone ever caught wearing an unflattering sleeping mask, Lutz has solved your problem with Blackout Bands.

“It’s pretty much a new age sleep mask,” said Lutz. “They’re sunglasses that are completely blacked out.”

His other inventions span the spectrum, from gadgets to games. Partnering with friends and family, Lutz has over 30 patents that he’d like to test out — where else, on the entrepreneurial ABC reality show “Shark Tank.” *3

Music: Shawn Mendes ‘Definitely’ Prepping Collabo with Niall Horan


Shawn Mendes covered a lot of ground during his appearance on The Late Late Show on Wednesday night (Sept. 28), performing his new single, challenging host James Corden to an a cappella battle and, oh yeah, confirming he’s collaborating with 1D’s Niall Horan.

Corden, an avowed boy band fanatic, couldn’t help but ask Mendes about his reported upcoming hookup with the on-hiatus One Direction singer. “Shawn, I want to talk to you because I was reading about you this morning and I want you to tell me if this is true,” Corden said. “Whilst talking about Irishmen, my favorite Irish man in the world is Niall Horan from One Direction. I’m hearing a rumor you and he might work together on some music. What’s gonna happen?”

And then Mendes said the two words that caused a few women in the studio audience to completely lose it. “Definitely, yes,” he said. “He’s awesome. I’ve been talking to him for a long time, but it’s annoying because I’ll be in London like, ‘Niall I’m here.’ He’ll be like ‘just landed in L.A.’ When I get a second I want to write with him a bunch. *4

Music: Niall Horan’s single “This Town” signals official end of One Direction

tumblr_mnpj4v6oyv1ryc2f9o1_500Niall Horan made his solo debut with “This Town” on Thursday (Sept. 29) and called up Westwood One’s Zach Sang Show to talk about the new track.

Since One Direction went on hiatus earlier this year, Horan explained he spent some time backpacking around Southeast Asia, taking notes and writing lyrics in his notebook. When he got back home afterwards, he said he headed into the studio and “This Town” was one of the first pieces he wrote.

He wrote it with Jamie Scott, who wrote 1D’s hit “Story of My Life” and Horan said that familiar pairing made his transition back into songwriting “easy.” As well, from the sounds of it, the time off allowed the singer to get his head a bit straight.

“Backpacking trip kind of normalized my life, I supposed,” he told Sang. “I didn’t get asked for photos anywhere. When you’re in tourist spots, no one expects you to be there. So it was kind of like, I kept my hat on, kept my sunglasses on, kept my head down, did all the usual tourist stuff in Southeast Asia with a rucksack on my back.” I definitely learned a lot on that trip. *5

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