The Partial (and Unofficial) 2016 Movies List (Part 2): travel with Trevor in “The Fundamentals of Caring”

Here’s part 2 of our Partial (and Unofficial) 2016 Movies List, some of the movies here might get into our Top 10 list at the end of the year, so please do check these films out.

Eddie the Eagle

A biographical film about the British Olympian skier Eddie Edwards and his struggles to try to qualify in the 1988 Winter Olympics despite all odds. This film is funny and sad and uplifting all at the same time and Eddie’s determination to “fly” represents not only the spirit of Olympics, but also showcases the admirable human courage that could be found in not giving up. Just don’t try the 90-metre jump.

Bad Johnson

I can’t stop laughing on the entirety of this movie, especially when the -you know- came to life. I mean the lines themselves when the lead actor is talking about his -you know-. Okay so this is about Rich who is a sex addict and how one day (upon his wish) his -you know- disappeared and became a real person. This is a funny and chaotic film that’s not much deep really in terms of story but tells you a good lesson nonetheless, like love is not just sex and something like that.

Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List

Some friendships are so important you do anything to make them last. Some are not. Anyway that’s why there’s this No Kiss List of best friends Naomi and Ely, primarily to prevent themselves on f*cking each other’s love life. Well it did in the end. No surprise there. You’re correct, this is based on the book of the same name by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan. As per Levithan’s tradition, it carries a deep message: love comes in different forms.

The Fundamentals of Caring

This is a Netflix original about the 18 year-old Trevor who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, whatever that is. He wants to use his one wish (in the Make a Wish Foundation) to have a blowjob with a certain documentary host. Very funny. Of course this is a story about a care giver named Ben and his road trip with Trevor, because the guy has a fascination with American roadside attractions. Road trips can provide you with many life lessons but the best about this film is the idea that you can pee standing up, even if you have can’t stand alone.


This is an impossible movie that will make you believe that anything is possible especially when you got expelled and you don’t want your parents finding it out. If you want a laugh, this movie is definitely for you, with all new mischief techniques to learn that could be useful in school. This film is about Felix O’Neil and all the stops he pulled in preventing his parents in finding out that he got kicked out of school. One thing that we learned from this kid: “You’re life is a never ending series of missed opportunities.”

Freier Fall

This is the second German film in my list this year. The film tells about the story of police officer, Marc Borgmann and how he develops a romance with his fellow police officer, Kay Engel. It portrays the conflict in a traditional society and meeting its expectations which could lead a person to lose sight of what really is important, until it’s too late. There are many films like this but there’s depth in the way the story was acted and told and the Deutsche here is very helpful for those like me who are studying the language.

Now You See Me 2

I’m telling you, this is way much better than the first one, which is a pretty decent first part movie. Now You See Me 2 is full of cool magic tricks and effects that you will forget to breath (the card trick! wow). There are few movies that made me forget time, and this is one of it. Daniel Radcliffe, the Harry Potter guy, is the Voldemort of the movie, which made this movie famous, but the Four Horsemen is so badass people will forget about Radcliffe after the movie and pretend that they too could do some pretty cool card tricks.

Those People

This could be my favorite movie this year. This film is about the friendship of Charlie and Sebastian which tried to delve into the deeper meanings of friendships, love and abandonment. The friendship of the two here, as well as of their group, is something special it would make you feel envious. What I like about this film is that it features the music from the Pirates of Penzance. You don’t know it? I’ll just laugh and like Sebastian, will get some drinks.

How to be Single

Another film that will make you laugh non-stop, primarily because the lines thrown here are so good, and the actors are equally hilarious. This film is about Alice who became single and how she was introduced to the beautiful world of singles by her co-worker Robin. The film also features the life of Alice’s sister too, the hilarious doctor who does not believe in relationships, but nonetheless got this cool doorman for a husband. It’s funny really. One more thing, the important lesson we learned from this film is that breaking up sucks, but what’s even worst is wasting a night in your home (even if you’re not in New York).


This film is about Jesse Owens and how he became the greatest track and field athlete in history by showing Hitler that one race is not supreme compared to others as he raced to the finish line during the 1936 Olympics and win the gold for his country and for all the oppressed people around the world. You don’t know who Jesse Owens is? He’s much greater than Usain Bolt, that’s all I can say.

Hello, My Name is Doris

This is the heart-warming story of Doris as she tried to find love despite her age. The elements and the story hit home to me: the feeling of being lost after years of taking care of your parents, the day dreaming, the books, but thankfully not the hoarding. This film shows what is important in life and tells us that it is okay to day dream, but still you have to live your life and face reality.

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