COPA AMERICA 2016 Fearless Forecast

Before we turn our attention to the on-going Euro 2016, here’s the Geek God Review’s fearless forecast for this year’s Copa America.



Group 1

USA will top this group in account of goals scored, will face Ecuador in QF. In account that they are now a strong team, plus they are the host country, they will beat Ecuador.


Group 2Brazil will definitely top this group even after the disappointing draw against Ecuador. Bad news is they will face Colombia from Group A. They should have slide to runner up and face US. Too late.


Group 3Hugely disappointing performance from Uruguay with currently 2 losses. Mexico will top this group with Venezuela as the runner-up. Mexico will face Chile from Group D.


Group 4

No doubt Argentina will top this group after their massacre of Panama but Chile is too good too and will beat Mexico unless the winner of Group C will up their game. I call this the group of death.


2016 Copa America Fixture


United States and Argentina will handily beat their respective opponents Ecuador and Venezuela. The Brazil-Colombia match up is tricky but I will place my bet with Colombia due to James Rodriguez and because I think Brazil is still in shambles after their 2014 World Cup destruction. Chile will win against Mexico. They are the title-holders after all.


Bad news for United States because they will face Argentina though it’ll be a good opportunity for them to gather more popularity. After that, Argentina will beat them for sure.

The Chile-Colombia match up is very difficult to predict though in account of Colombia’s latest performance against Costa Rica (shocking loss, but to be fair, Costa Rica was damn good), I think Chile will manage to win this one. Chile’s performing good in Group D amid being overshadowed by Argentina.


Argentina will win the Copa America 2016, beating the titleholder Chile, but I think Chile could pose a threat if they could improve their passing and defense.



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