The TV Series Ranking: Run with Bary Allen in “The Flash” and bow to the anti-Christ in “Damien.”

Yes folks I am currently watching 10 series per week, that and coupled with my illogical need to read1 non-fiction book per day (or okay per week) alongside the fact that I have to work so I can buy food (food is on my top priority list). Did I also mention that I am still studying? And partying (in my dreams)? I have Hermione Granger’s time turner.

So the thing is, I keep a list of TV shows I watch every month (don’t freak out, or okay please do), a tradition that dates back when I was young, like about 8 years old young. It started with the anime shows (which turned into TV series. I grew up, you know), then books, then the movies (along the way I have songs listed too, but forget about it). I have it all ranked.

It’s the series season break (at least for The Flash and Scandal) and it’s almost halfway through the year so I decided to check out the rankings of the TV series I watched and might as well give you guys a sneak peek on why I am watching these shows, a list which, If read by the Emmy jurors, will have them lost their faith in humanity and decide to vote for Donald Trump come November.

Here’s where they stand right now (simple Math, add their ranks from January-May then get the average, get it?).


Current Rank 1: BILLY AND BILLIE (1.00)

This is a story of a guy who is in a relationship with his sister (step-sister but still) and they’re both named Billy (the other one with IE in the end). This show is light and funny with a little dash of seriousness. The story is real, a much needed respite to the TV shows on the list above which could all make you forget what the real world is (except Chicago Fire). Again, I watched the first ten episodes in just one sitting, that’s the reason for its ranking (it topped the February list).

Current Rank 1: SENSE8 (1.00)

I got addicted with this one, I watched this show non-stop, topping the March list. This is one crazy show, a breakthrough as many have hailed it. This show is about 8 individuals from different parts of the world who could communicate with each other and could sense each other’s feelings (fear, happiness all those things). The story and the premise of this show is bad-ass, and be warned because once you watched the first episode, you’ll never stop until the last one. When’s the next season? Damn it.

Current Rank 3: SCANDAL (2.00)

I have the feeling that this could be the top show for this year (which will be decided by me, so it’s weird), though the problem with this series is that it was always eclipsed by some other shows. It ranked number 2 from February (start of season 5) to May. All it needs is to top one month and it’s done. If you don’t know what’s this show is about, (why? It’s on its 5th season!)this is a Shonda Rhimes creation (shame on you if you don’t know her) about Olivia Pope and her gladiator lawyers. The main story is Olivia’s relationship with the president of the United States with superb backstories about how they helped in cheating in the elections while killing people along the way. It’s cool!

Current Rank 4: DAMIEN (2.67)

Bradley James’ Damien topped the list for two months from April to May because I am a huge Merlin fan, kidding. I need not introduce this show because I wrote a long article about his one about a week ago? You didn’t read it? Okay, go to hell. With the anti-Christ. This show is about Bradley being the demon or whatever, not unlike King Arthur, mind you.

Current Rank 5: THE MAGICIANS (4.00)

This is Harry Potter adult version and that’s why you need to watch this. If you want to ask for the spells, it’s not that grand like J.K Rowling’s, the world and the characters on it not well defined but this is still a show worth watching, even if some of it magic is just so weird to accept. I just started watching it last April so let’s see if this show is worth including in the list. And you’re right, this is the TV adaptation of Lev Grossman’s novel of the same title.

Current Rank 6: LIMITLESS (5.33)

The Bradley Cooper movie-turned-series, Limitless chronicles the life of Brian, who like Bradley’s character in the movie, took up this mysterious drug called NZT which could make you a, well, genius. It’s like my all-time favourite series Chuck but with less action and more on the investigative side, like a tamed version of Dexter.It ranked third on March when I started watching it but it steadily goes down soon after that, ranking only 5th on April and 8th last month. Let’s see if it could bounce back this month.

Current Rank 7: THE FLASH (6.25)

Season 2 ended last May and it was a much cooler and well-written finale than the last one. I still could not get over on the fact that it failed to enter the annual Top 10 list last year (which I made, again, weird). But I think, this year it will be included in the list, finally. It needs to improve its numbers (and its story) though to stay on track. What’s this show about? You don’t know the Flash? God’s of Egypt. It’s of course a show about a superhero who’s super fast, like the fastest man alive. To the outside world he’s an ordinary forensic scientist but secretly, with the help of his friends at Starlabs, he used his speed to fight crimes and find meta-humans like him. That’s the show’s intro by the way, the second coolest intro after Airbender’s (Earth, fire, water, air. Long ago…).

Current Rank 8: GOTHAM (6.60)

Yes this is Batman’s Gotham City but it is not his story. It is the story of the young detective Jim Gordon and his early days of fighting crime pre-Batman, though the series is peppered with stories of the young Bruce Wayne too so there you go. This series topped the January list but it is so dark that I am finding it hard to watch it without doing something else like eating Mars bars or cleaning my room.

Current Rank 9: CHICAGO FIRE (6.80)

This is the story of, yes, fire fighters in Chicago and to cut to the chase it has pretty women and handsome guys (which is ridiculous, how can they be fire fighters?) and it has love stories so it’s interesting. But seriously, the stories per episode is, like that of Billy and Billie, will remind you that the real world is still existing out there. The stories are touching and well written and the actors superb, making this show a must watch. It’s current ranking is not good though, primarily because I am playing catch up and there’s about 50 or so episodes more before I am done with it which, to tell you the truth, is frustrating.

Current Rank 10: STAR WARS REBELS (7.00)

Why is a Star Wars show in the bottom of the list? Well, that’s because this one is from Disney, like The Force Awakens, it lacks the trademark and soul of the true Star Wars story. But nonetheless there are jedis in here and lightsabers and the Force and the Sith and other cool stuff that only a Star Wars fan could relate into. So I am impatiently waiting for the next season and I know that the Force is strong with this show. ( I pulled that one alright, right?)

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