“Huwag kayong matakot. We are fighting the good fight. We are fighting the fight of our lives. Let our passion for the future of our country show in all our conversations, whether it be online or offline, in virtual or real life.”

Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Trade Secretary

Transportation and Communication Secretary

Interior Secretary





He’s the continuity guy so that’s that. Also no corruption charges, and really has experience in government.


The people he might appoint in cabinet positions are too incompetent.


First off, this guy has the coolest website for his platform of government, though too much yellow.

It also has the longest (sometimes boring) platform that I read, thankfully they have this general summary, though one should really need to read their “Comprehensive Policy Document,” to make sense of it all. And oh, there are also annexes. In short you’ll be reading a thesis.

The first thing I noticed and what I really like about this is the grandeur of the platform, well as somebody said (I forgot who) “If your dreams don’t scare you, it is not big enough.” Anyway, this sentence is the core of his platform: “expand and speed up reforms, so that our country will achieve First World status in three decades.” Speed up reforms? I am not even sure if speed is in the vocabulary of his party, but looking ahead, dreaming of a First World status, I am in for that ride.

Let’s discuss the four main agendas:

Agenda A: Hindi bara-bara – a systematic approach to governance.

Hindi patsamba – strategies and plans based on accurate data and facts.

Hindi pakitang-tao – authentic, compassionate service to the Filipino people.

Yes it’s funny but that is the first agenda, “Hindi bara-bara” and “Hindi patsamba” are their excuses for being toooo slow. The last one is a swipe to Binay apparently.

Agenda B: There is Freedom from Hunger

Under this are “Sustained economic growth,” “High-quality jobs,” and “Affordable, reliable power.”

He plans forprogress to be sustained through the revitalization of key sectors like manufacturing, which will create jobs for the Filipino people.” This is good, but why not implement it now? Or you should have done this one 6 years ago. But the plan is specific on this because they will implement an industry-specific resurgence roadmaps in conjunction with stakeholders. Training for Filipinos was also mentioned but high cost of power, streamlining license systems for businesses via IT infrastructure, you failed on those fields so why should we believe you again?

Agenda C: There is Freedom from Fear

Infrastructure and tourism were mentioned here. But while many projects are in the pipeline now, they should have answered specifics on how they can complete those projects faster.

Universal Healthcare is a done deal for his party though there are still many loopholes that need to be fixed. Vote for Hontiveros. And there’s mocking laughter.

On agriculture, please stop. I mean if I have to grade this party through OWLs level, they will receive a T for Troll.

Agenda D: There is Freedom from Fear

They promise to carry out swift justice to fight crime. While this is more acceptable than killing people, we have yet to see how this could be done. Climate change was also mentioned here which Karen Davila and Ms. Gina Lopez will deeply appreciate (though clean coal? CLEAN coal?).

CCT and housing were mentioned which his party has implemented with flying colors (Why? The other candidates have this in their platforms).

Education is under this agenda, and we’ll just leave it to Sec. Armin and the TESDA man should we?

Participative governance, bottom-up growth and strengthening performance service will be continued something I appreciate because these three key proposals are missing on most of the other candidates’ platforms.

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