“I could make this sacrifice if only to save this country from being fractured.”

 Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Lyceum of the Philippines University

Law Degree, San Beda College

City Prosecutor

OIC Vice Mayor



A decisive leader with Davao City as proof.


Davao Death Squad, rape comment, cursing the Pope (the Pope!). Forget all about those things. The cause for alarm: undeclared bank accounts. If an account has only 17K, why not declare it on your SALN?

It raises questions about his honesty. And please stop making a fight against the US and Australia and Mexico (and am I forgetting other countries?), two words: diplomatic relationship. I really like to continue watching The Flash on Netflix.

Also don’t threaten to close Congress, that’s an impeachable offense. Marcos did it and look where he is right now, in a f*cking freezer.

And oh, f*ck you, but I will not let you give up Kalayaan Islands just so you can beg China to give as alms to construct bridges, we’re fine thank you.


On crime, corruption, and drugs his campaign promise: Suppress crime, spread of drugs, corruption within 3 to 6 months after election into office. I mean, really good luck with that. Rufus Scrimgeour died trying to bring the dark lord down six months after he was elected Minister for Magic, though he was tortured first.

Under this battle cry are the specifics such as increasing police salaries, installing CCTVs  and backing the death penalty law. Apart from the latter, the first two seems to be lame, but important, yes it is important. But compared to other agendas like economy, education…

Speaking of economy, he plans to spread economic growth throughout the country and decongest Metro Manila. This he will do by calling a constitutional convention, within first year of term, to study the shift to a federal form of government. I support this but he needs to control Congress first, which is I don’t know if possible. On second thought, maybe it is possible in his term. Establishing tourism, agricultural, and industrial hubs in the countryside to create jobs, also a good idea.


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