The 2016 Choice Part 1: Miriam Santiago


Miriam Defensor-Santiago

“I will never quit! I will never stop! I will never withdraw!”


Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude, University of the Philippines.

Bachelor of Laws, cum laude, University of the Philippines.

Master of Laws, University of Michigan

Doctor of Juridical Science, University of Michigan


Agriculture Minister

RTC Judge


Well if we’re talking about experience and competence and integrity and honesty, the game should be over, she’s the clear choice.


Endorsement of Bongbong Marcos which convinced me that she is mentally ill.

In the world arena, perception is important, and we need a leader who can be perceived as strong physically and mentally as so we could participate in world affairs. In participate I mean to say demand the attention of other world leaders. She will not be taken seriously by these people, believe me.

And let’s be honest here, the stress of being president will definitely take a toll to anyone’s health, have you seen PNoy’s hair lately?


Reform the 19-year-old tax system to make it fairer, more responsive to changes in the economy, simpler to administer, and in sync with Asean-5 competitors. Apart from I don’t know why it is so important to include the Asean-5 in this, I like this agenda.

Take a swift review of all the programs and projects of government. Scary but necessary. I just hope the PPP should hurry up the bidding processes.

Keep government deficits manageable by keeping it below three percent of gross domestic product. Already being done. 2% as of the moment, so why make it 3%?

Invest in public infrastructure, agriculture sector and government institutions. How?

Continue to fine-tune conditional cash transfer program, but pass a law to allow use of public funds to support dominant political parties. Gods of Egypt, CCT and political parties in one sentence, wow why?

Restore meritocracy in government. Already being done too. Bonuses in governments are based on performance, targets.

Political parasites, incompetents and unproductive workers will have no place in her administration. So basically she’ll be alone.

Support passage of Freedom of Information act. Please.

Invest in people, educate them, take care of their health, and feed them. Like nutribun? Or Poe’s free lunch? Bring me back to school.

Cut red tape. Pass FOI and we’re done.

Build a modern international airport. Airports are being modernized as we speak, though don’t look at NAIA.

Build an entirely new railway system from Manila to Sorsogon. This is in the pipeline already.

Build a modern, integrated urban transit system in Metro Manila to Bulacan, Rizal, Cavite and Laguna. Wow ever heard of MRT7?

Establish a one mixed-use government center in 17 regions. I’m lost.

Amend restrictive provisions in the 1987 Constitution. With no backing of Congress? Good luck with that.

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