Something Like Normal

something like normal

Something Like Normal

Trish Doller

Bloomsbury, 2012

“I don’t know if my life will ever be completely normal again, but something like normal is a good start.” 

Rating: 2/5 stars

This is your average book, and I was wondering if I should still write a review for this one, but apparently, I did as you are reading it. Anyway, even though this book is just your average kind of story, there is still something in here that we will find worth reading. And I’m now blabbering.

Well, the story is very straightforward. Travis was a marine who came back for his vacation in his hometown, days after his best friend died. And of course he witnessed it and that shattered his soul and stuff like that. And then he met this girl, who helped him navigate his life from being a marine soldier to being a normal teenager, thereby coming to terms with his own grief, his guilt, and with his family (though not to his dad, who was a jerk).

I know the story is cliché, but hear me out on this one. What was nice about the story is that it was told in the perspective of a soldier, and while the book was definitely written to be a love story, it did skim to some of the issues haunting teenage soldiers nowadays, thus its depth. Even the love story element was not overdone, no angsty girls proliferated by John Green or any of those too cheesy love stories with proms and class problems that will make you puke, though it did have some party story things.

Even though the point of view of the story is that of Travis, a marine, it is not lost on the murky thinking of a soldier who went to war, but his thoughts were clear, his problems laid down very clearly for the readers to comprehend and understand, simple story, nothing over done.

The only downside of this book is that it has a story that you could read somewhere else, the characters you could meet in other stories too. Not cut off above the other soldier boy stories which was a pity because it has a promise to become more if only the author has had the courage to carry on.

I mentioned that this was not a cheesy story but that is the problem. It hovers between this type of where it wanted to be deep, exploring the emotions and problems of soldiers who went to war and on the other side, it wanted to be a teenage love story. But it did not successfully achieve being any of these two types of stories, and thus it is its major flaw.

But the attempt was there and it was nice to escape those cheesy YA books for a while and to discover that there are other worlds to read aside from proms and bitchy classmates.

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