The Blood of Olympus Review (also known as The Blood of Annabeth and Percy or The Spoiler Review or The Last Heroes of Olympus Review Finally)


“The Blood of Olympus to raise the Earth Mother!”  

First, Leo is dead. Wtf.  This was how I saw it happened: Percy Jackson got a little nosebleed and he woke up the entire earth, (who else but none other than the Earth goddess Gaea). And Leo blew her out of the sky. Happy ending.

But let’s get back to the start, with the five demigods’ perspectives.



I thought he was dead for good. That was some good slashing of Imperial Gold! But then again he was fated to complete “the storm” in the “To Storm or Fire the World Must Fall” line of the prophecy so I knew he was out of the running to be the first Dead Half-Blood Idol. But dude that was close.

His chapters were not that good; I think it was because we already got tired of ghosts fighting the demigods. I mean come on! Even if the ghosts were former princes killed by Odysseus, still nothing special there. (Except with the Jason/Piper/Leo vs Gaea final battle)

The only redeeming part of the Jason’s chapters was his confrontation with his dead mother. Somehow the author, Rick Riordan, was pretty good with this emotional stuff. So far so good.



And here it goes…Introducing Reyna! By the way I hate the long name: Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano. I mean it was too long and please why would Riordan wanted to repeat it over and over again was beyond my mortal understanding.

I know! She was not even included in the prophecy! What was she doing in the final book? But yes, she was kind of important. With her and Nico tasked to bring the Athena Parthenos back to Camp Half-Blood. So yes, I admit she was necessary. But I have said it before. I disagree with the notion of other demigods (apart from the seven) getting into the limelight. Riordan should have made two of the seven bring the statue to the camp and let them unite at the end. That would be cool, and smoother.

I was not used to Reyna’s perspective so I did not enjoy her chapters that much. One more thing, how could you bring along a gigantic statue with you? That might be the question I should ask to Nico.LeoVa


Where there’s a Leo chapter, there’s fun! Leo represents the voice of the Heroes of Olympus book. I know he is my favorite, but you have to admit it. The book was fun because Leo was fun. Well Percy was fun too until the whole Tartarus thing, bummer.

How could not someone like Leo, with him inventing Buford the Table shouting: “Put Some Clothes On!” (I am not wearing a shirt right now). Even if he was moody and sad and what else, he still managed to make the book light. It reminds me why I read the book in the first place: Because it was entertaining.

“I can see victories! You will have no success without death!”

Having Leo meet with the funniest gods and goddesses was a good thing too. Nike was one of my favorite goddess, (First place or death! And A- is a failing grade!) until she said that one of the four was going to die come August 1.

Percy, Hazel, Frank and Leo. Yikes, Leo was included in the final four of the Dead Half-Blood Idol. Keep on voting.leo e nio


Well say hello to the ultimate emo guy! Despite his gloomy perspective I still liked reading his chapters partly because his adventures were way cooler than say Piper’s? (I don’t hate Piper but let’s be honest here.) And the guy was creepy powerful! What else do you want?

But strangely I was running out of things to say about Nico’s chapters. Idk why.

He had a crush on Percy, I think I need to say that. I know now! That was one of the reasons why I like the guy, he was original and brave and he liked Mythomagic! Ask Jason.

Nice to know he got a happy ending. Not with Percy though. (Sorry Pernico fans or whatever you guys call yourselves)



The Cherokee stories were good. Reminds me of my favorite book “The Ceremony” though I noticed that Piper always gets the most boring monsters to fight with, except with the latter chapters. Maybe Riordan wanted to make up for it. That song with the Gemini (*snickers*) was pretty badass.

But I think she was the hero who did the most important job of all, that of finishing (or vanquishing or whatever term you want to use with an immortal) Gaea herself. “At the end, you only have one word to say, choose wisely.”

So What Now?

The Blood of Olympus, also known as the Blood of Annabeth and Percy was kind of a let down. I could think of some reasons why. 1) I am an idiot who knows nothing about this book (I object!) 2) We all were tired of grand endings. (Annabeth dropping to the depths of Tartarus, who could beat that?) 3) Leo died and I am still angry while writing this review.

“No, stupid. I’m a Leo. You’re a Percy.”

Anyway, the book was not that funny unlike The Lost Hero and The Son of Neptune although you could argue that it was the last book so it should not be that funny and whatever. I especially liked their visit to Delos to see Apollo and Artemis (the gloomy twins) and their encounter with Hygeia. Insurance cards!

On the other hand, their adventures were great, much grander as we expected, the Hunter and Amazons versus Orion culminating with the Gods of Olympus fighting side by side with the demigods. And of course the final battle with Gaea. All hands down.

In the end, why would I remember the Heroes of Olympus series? Because they defeated Gaea? Or because Leo died? Nope. I think it is because of the adventures I, as a reader, somehow shared with the demigods.

The suspense, the stomach ache you get from laughing.

The donuts, the pizzas, the pegasi. (Popcorn, Our fatal weakness!)

Tyson (my Brother!).

The love teams, of course (Jason-Pipper, Jason-Reyna, Annabeth-Percy and okay fine Nico-Percy?)

The gods that you will hate and you will love (but most of the time you will hate).

The monsters, the giants. Creepy.

Of course the demigods.

And the mere smell of the book. The late night reading.

It was one hell of a ride aboard the Argo II. And for that thank you, Rick Riordan!

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