In Defense of the Philippine Government.

Note: This is a rant related to the typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) story.

In Defense of the Philippine Government.

To all the critics of the government, just stop…please stop. Ask this to yourself instead: tumulong na ba ako? or forever lang akong online? The government’s response is not adequate, heck ang bagal nilang kumilos that’s the truth, but they are pulling out all stops to give aid to the victims. At least THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING! what about you guys? Magbabasa na lang ba tayo ng articles sa Rappler? O manonood ng Yolanda news sa TV and then we will react without getting all the sides of the story? It is our freedom to say things that we want to say if we see something wrong about the situation but barraging the government with criticisms cannot and will never be able help them achieve their mission in the first place.

Wala nang gustong presidente ang mga Pilipino, I get it. But now more than ever is the time for us to show a unified front in these dire times, we need to be united if we want our countrymen to get over this tragedy. Now is not the time to criticize. It is time to act! We can stay online for all we want; we can agree or disagree with the CNN, we can post food photos in our Instagram accounts or whatever we want to do with our life, but is it not shameful that we complain about the government’s response while we ourselves do nothing to help? We eat criminally expensive food, buy gadgets and other things, and then we go online to complain na hindi nakakarating ang tulong sa mga biktima? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Are you really a Filipino? If this is what we are as a nation, then I don’t want to be here anymore. I’ll just go away, leave this country at hayaan na lang kayong lahat mag-hilaan pababa, like the story of the effing crabs.

Or better yet, just quit being a Filipino! But please kung iiwan na lang din niyo  ang sa tingin niyo ay lumulubog na barko, wag na lang kayong mag-tapon ng pampabigat, hayaan niyo na lang kaming magsalba sa lumulubog na barko.

“Because in the end, we have a responsibility, and in the end, what we did or didn’t do had a direct bearing on people’s lives” – Christiane Amanpour (Reporting America at War)

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